All of these articles have been published in the San Saba News and Star unless otherwise indicated.

Fall Migration by Christine Bessent

Texas Has Fall Color Too

Frostweed and Monarchs

Fall Migration of the Monarch Butterfly


Tips and tricks for Finding and Identifying Wintering Sparrows

Tackling Tricky Sparrows

Christmas Bird Counts 2012

The Bald Eagle

10% Time Spent in Nature

An Exceptional Teaching Experience

A Sign of Things to Come

Beginning Birding

Bewick’s wren

Bird Friendly Coffee

Bird ID-6 Tips

Bird Mysteries

Bird Photography Basics

Bird your local patch

Birding the Dog Days 2

Black-crested titmouse

Blue Moons to Tuna


Canaries in the Water

Catfish eating pigeons

Cooper’s Hawk

Crows & ravens

Dead Wood Supports Life

Dog Days of Summer

Dust Devils

Eastern Screech Owl

Fishing Bird



Getting youth involved in birding

Go outside and play

Goodbye to a River Book Review

Grasshopper sparrows

Help birds endure the harsh winter weather with a special treat


I was raised on country sunshine

In Praise

Inca Dove


Jumping Spiders

Ladder backed woodpecker

Magic happens

Mom Was Right

Owls in Black

Prickly pear cactus

Radars Eye on Wildlife

Rusty Blackbird Blitz

Scissor_tailed flycatcher


Sounds of Spring and Summer

SS Nature Park article for SS News

Strange things are aloft in the bird world

Tadpoles are extraordinary creatures

The 2011 GBBC will take place Friday

The Austin music scene for me begins before first light

The Big Year

The common snapping turtle

Tiny Terror

Top 10 Ways to Get Better at Bird

Water conservation